Matt Hill and the Deep Fryed 2 – Tappin’ That Thang

Genre: Blues – Review Date: 05/08/12

Artist: Matt Hill and the Deep Fryed 2
Album: Tappin’ That Thang

Label: Deep Fryed Records/VizzTone Label Group

Some days, the world just needs to let loose, and boy do I have the soundtrack for such a day. “Tappin’ That Thang” by Matt Hill & the Deep Fryed 2 is just the album your party needs once people start tossing beer cans at the DJ for playing “Red Solo Cup” too many times.
Dedicated to the memory of Hubert Sumlin & Jameson Day, “Tappin’” is old fashioned fun, which isn’t meant for everyone’s ears. Some folks just can’t seem to unwind enough to appreciate the skills of this band. I would be the opposite; I think music like this, by people like these guys, is just what our country needs.
The album’s title cut sets the bar high from the jump, and is my choice for top track. Ideal for a road trip mix with no real itinerary set.
It’s just about time to start planning for summer, and great tunes are always in fashion. Try “Tappin’ That Thang” the next time you’re in the mood to smile and not give a damn who wants to know why.

by Christopher Llewellyn Adams